Vitor Moreira joins Webrock Ventures as Partner

PUBLISHED: December 17, 2020

Please tell us a bit about your background

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, I spent my middle school years living in Puerto Rico and returned to Brazil to finish high school and start college. Upon receiving a bachelor’s degree in business from FGV – EAESP, I worked for CPMBraxis for 5 years as an M&A manager. At CPM, I lead acquisitions and fundraising initiatives to help the firm become Brazil’s largest IT Service company.

Upon CPMBraxis’ sale to Capgemini, I joined Warburg Pincus, a global private equity fund, where I spent 7 years as Vice President. During my years at WP I was responsible for the investment into Omega Energia Renovavel, a leading Brazilian renewable energy platform focused on power generation.

After my tenure at WP, I spent a couple of years on a sabbatical to enjoy some time with the family and travel. Soon thereafter I joined fintech Creditas as Head of Corporate Development, focusing on inorganic growth initiatives and international expansion. After 18 months at Creditas, I am happy to now have joined the Webrock team.

Why did you decide to join Webrock?

I feel that Webrock, through its venture builder model, has an important role in fostering the Brazilian startup ecosystem. Through its unique business model, it brings Swedish technology and innovation to Brazil and helps the country leapfrog development stages in specific industry segments aiming to improve the lives of Brazilians. For me, it is the perfect opportunity to put to work everything I learned while being a private equity investor and a startup executive.

What’s a fun fact about you? 

I love doing outdoor sports with my friends and family. Most recently I have focused on mountain biking, I have ridden over 5.000 km in the past 2 years and completed 9 competitions.

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