MercadoJá acquires Konkero and KeroGrana in Brazil

PUBLISHED: September 2, 2020

MercadoJá (, a Swedish-backed marketplace for financial products in Brazil, is today announcing the acquisition of Konkero (, a platform for comparing financial products and personal finance options, and KeroGrana (, a platform that offers personal loans online.

MercadoJá was founded in 2018 by a partnership agreement between Zentro Founders, who owned Swedish credit card comparison platform Kortio, and Webrock Ventures, an investment company bridging the Swedish and Brazilian technology markets. MercadoJá started its operations in Brazil by offering consumers a platform to compare credit card deals but later developed to offer consumers additional financial products. In the first quarter of 2020, MercadoJá had more than 130,000 users.

MercadoJá´s acquisition of Konkero and KeroGrana will take place by the formation of Konkero Group which will include Konkero, KeroGrana, and the three properties operated by MercadoJá (CartaoJá¡, MercadoJá and Triunfei). The acquisition enables Konkero Group to accelerate its journey to become a leading affiliate company for financial products in Brazil, providing consumers the best options for a variation of financial products.

Guilherme Prado, CEO of the newly created Konkero Group, comments: “I am very excited about MercadoJá´s acquisition of Konkero and KeroGrana. It empowers us to embark on the tremendous opportunities that the Brazilian market provides, even faster. Konkero Group is now in a position to attack the structural inefficiencies of the payment industry and the consumer banking industry in Brazil.â€

About MercadoJá

MercadoJá is a marketplace for financial products and services. The online platform allows consumers to compare and acquire a variety of financial products such as credit cards, insurances, and mobile phone plans, to find the best offer on the market.Â

About Konkero

Konkero is Brazil’s largest online personal finance platform with almost two million organic visitors per month. Konkero’s platform allows users to compare hundreds of financial services to find the best offer possible on the market. The platform is for free and also hosts more than three thousand pages of content with personal finance tips and explanations about financial products.

About KeroGrana

Founded in 2018, KeroGrana is a personal loan financial technology company. KeroGrana has partnered with several banks to offer consumers loans online in a more convenient way. The company also offers personal finance courses through video lessons for anyone who requests a loan through KeroGrana.

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