Latin America Digital Transformation Report 2023

Discover the key highlights from the Atlantico Digital Transformation Report 2023: ”Latin America: The Engine of the World.”

➤ Latin America’s young population set to peak in 2050, offering a dynamic market.

➤ Brazil’s internet access surged from 49% (2012) to 84% (2022)

➤ Brazil leads with 9 hours/day spent online, indicating a tech-savvy market.

➤ Latam’s banking access surged from 39% (2011) to 74% (2021), driven by digital channels.

➤ Latin America embraces cashless trends, driven by e-commerce and fintech.

➤ Brazil’s 77% internet penetration and 102% mobile phone usage set the stage for a booming $285 billion fintech market by 2025.

➤ Brazil’s AI market poised for robust growth with a strong CAGR over 5 years, and an AI readiness which exceeds the global average index J

At Webrock we consistently work to be a positive driving force for the digital transformation in Latin America!

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