Latin America Digital Transformation Report 2022

PUBLISHED: September 21, 2022

We recommend reading Atlantico’s digital transformation report to gain an overview of the tech landscape in Latam. Here are our key takeaways:

➤ Brazil’s tech ecosystem will have massive value creation as it catches up to the likes of India, China, and even the US, all of which began their journeys long before.

➤ Internet penetration in Brazil is near to that of developed countries and much higher than in China and India.

➤ Brazilians spend on average 10,3h per day on the internet, whereas Americans spend 7h per day.

➤ The pandemic-sparked digital boom has persisted in Brazil, suggesting a permanent leap forward while more developed markets like the US reverted to pre-pandemic levels.

Zooming out from the macroclimate of today, digitalisation is a secular growth trend that will transform Latam for decades to come. We are happy to be a part of this growing tech ecosystem and excited for what is to come.

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