A quick chat with Juliana Barbiero, CEO at Lexly Brasil

PUBLISHED: November 16, 2020

Juliana is the Co-Founder and CEO of legaltech company Lexly Brasil. Juliana has 20+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing in the tech sector, working for corporations such as Samsung, Nokia, Intuit, JustEat, among others.

Why did you decide to co-found Lexly Brasil?

I co-founded Lexly Brasil for two reasons. First, when I got to know Lexly and its mission to make law easy to everyone, it resonated with my purpose and what I enjoy doing most – being involved in projects that change people’s life and behaviour through technology. I have been involved in similar tech projects before such as launching new mobile technologies, food delivery services, or financial management systems. The opportunity to disrupt how people have access to legal services made me excited to be part of this journey with Lexly Brasil!

Second, when I got to know the Webrock team, I was inspired seeing how well organized the firm is, with a clear methodology and way of work for launching and scaling new ventures. I saw this as a great learning opportunity for me professionally as well as personally.

How does Webrock support Lexly Brasil?

As I mentioned before, Webrock has a clear methodology for developing new ventures and this is one of the key strengths of the company – I know what needs to be done and by when with very clear milestones, which helps a lot in driving the pace and development of the business. Also, Webrock has a team to support the ventures in several ways, from operational tasks to strategic discussions, extending their vast network to us at Lexly so we can find the right connections. Furthermore, we have a great group of portfolio company CEOs – the Webrockers – that are all experiencing a similar journey – to build new businesses in Brazil, and this is a fantastic asset as we can share learnings and best practices to help each other.

How has Covid-19 impacted Lexly Brasil?

The legal sector is a very traditional industry in Brazil, where face to face meetings and old methods are the norms. The corona virus impacted legal services immensely as lawyers had to find new ways to connect with customers and learn new ways to work. This has sped up technology adoption much faster than expected and in that sense, Lexly’s launch in Brazil was very timely. But there were also the challenges of starting a business at this time such as building a team virtually and building meaningful relationships with key partners and suppliers. However, this also strengthened my belief in the partnerships between Webrock, joint-venture partner Lexly in Sweden, and Lexly Brasil as by working together we are better equipped to overcome this challenging time.

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