Event special: What we learned about the future of fintech in Brazil

Last week, we hosted an insightful event in Stockholm, in collaboration with VEF, focusing on the promising future of fintech in Brazil. The day was filled with valuable insights from industry experts including Nau Securities Limited, Joaquim Lima, Sergio Furio, Dave Nangle, Joakim Pops, Olle Widén, and André Faria. Here are our key takeaways: 🔑 […]

Why We Built Lexly: The “Gympass for Legal Services”

Lexly, the ”Gympass for legal services”, is a digital platform that provides legal services for corporate employees. Since its founding in March 2020, Lexly has revolutionized Brazil’s legal services market, offering a network of lawyers and do-it-yourself legal documents and contracts to companies as an employee benefit. Their approach not only promotes employee well-being and […]

Why we built Olik: Reshaping insurance in Brazil with embedded solutions

As a co-founder and first investor in Olik, we are thrilled to share why we believe this company has the potential to transform the insurance industry in Brazil.  Olik is an innovative insurance-as-a-service company that provides accessible, affordable, and seamlessly integrated insurance solutions. Through embedding insurance as a native feature of other products, services, or […]

Building Lara: Tapping into a Huge Market Opportunity in Brazilian Healthcare

At Webrock, we are always on the lookout to build innovative startups that have the potential to make a real impact. That’s why we co-founded and invested in Lara, a company that makes high-quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for people in Brazil. What is Lara?Lara is Brazil’s leading point-of-sale lending platform designed specifically for […]

Latin America Digital Transformation Report

PUBLISHED: September 21, 2022 We recommend reading Atlantico’s digital transformation report to gain an overview of the tech landscape in Latam. Here are our key takeaways: ➤ Brazil’s tech ecosystem will have massive value creation as it catches up to the likes of India, China, and even the US, all of which began their journeys long […]

The Telehealth Era Is Just Beginning

PUBLISHED: September 1, 2022 According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review telehealth can make healthcare more equitable and accessible to 78% of adults globally who own a smartphone, including those in medically underserved communities.  With telehealth at its core, our portfolio company Cardo Health is on a mission to democratize access to healthcare – starting with emerging markets. […]

Portfolio company Cardo Health launches telemedicine app Kena Health in South Africa

PUBLISHED: March 9, 2022 Digital health company Cardo Health announces today that it has launched the telemedicine app Kena Health in South Africa. For the early detection and treatment of health conditions, easy access to primary healthcare is crucial. Today, however, Africa has the lowest patient-to-doctor ratio in the world with 0.23 doctors for every 10,000 […]

Cardo Health raises USD 17.5 million to take digital health to emerging markets

PUBLISHED: January 11, 2022 Stockholm (Sweden), 11 January 2022 – Today, Cardo Health announces the closing of an over-subscribed USD 17.5 million funding round. Founded by former McKinsey Partner and European start-up practice leader Tobias Strålin, Cardo Health is on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people in emerging markets. It […]