Proptech company Tmpl partners with Webrock Ventures to launch a joint venture in Brazil

Tmpl, the leading digital communication platform for properties in Scandinavia, launches in partnership with Webrock Ventures, proptech Tmpl Brazil. The new venture will combine Tmpl’s property technology with Webrock Ventures’ local expertise, network access, and financing.

Founded in Uppsala, Sweden in 2015, Tmpl delivers its digital communication and service solutions to well-renowned real estate companies. The core of its digital offering is a comprehensible and powerful app where users can manage different questions regarding their living and work to make life easier, safer, and more sustainable.

Tmpl and Webrock Ventures have now teamed up to launch Tmpl in Brazil, one of the largest and fastest-growing digital economies in the world. Brazil has a huge real estate market, with 50.000 new properties built in Sao Paulo City alone in 2019. In the last four years, real estate companies have made efforts to digitalize their operations in Brazil, which is known to be a conservative and traditional industry in the country. With Tmpl’s best-in-class technology and Webrock’s infrastructure, Tmpl Brazil has huge potential to become a leading player in a large and growing domestic market.

Joakim Pops, Founding Partner of Webrock Ventures, comments: “We are very excited about this investment, which fits naturally into our portfolio of fast-growing digital platforms with Nordic roots in Brazil. The property technology sector remains in an early development stage in Brazil, with little domestic competition, which provides Tmpl with a unique opportunity to address a large market. Combining the respective playbooks of Webrock Ventures and Tmpl, time to market is short and timely as Brazilian consumers are becoming more acquainted with online platforms.”

Henrik Svanqvist, CEO of Tmpl Sweden, comments: “Webrock’s successful history of establishing Swedish tech companies in Brazil made a strong contribution to the decision to expand. As we have come a long way in developing our technology, we have a competitive advantage in the Brazilian market. The collaboration will give us useful knowledge about how Tmpl’s solutions perform in a different cultural context, but our experience is that people have the same basic need for quality housing regardless of whether one lives in Stockholm or Sao Paulo.”

Benjamin Tayar, the new CEO of Tmpl Brazil, comments: “Brazil has more than 210 million people and will have more than 180 million internet users by 2022, resulting in an obvious and attractive proptech market opportunity. With Tmpl’s best-in-class technology and Webrock’s strong ecosystem of entrepreneurs as support, I am confident that we can deliver value to millions of tenants in the near future in a time in which consumers are expecting more and more digital services.”

About Tmpl 

Tmpl is leading the development towards smarter and more sustainable housing, offices, and cities. We develop digital communication and service solutions aimed at commercial and residential properties. With our platform, you can communicate and inform the entire property portfolio directly in your mobile phone. It is also possible to report errors, book or share resources, stay up to date with the energy consumption and use services that make life easier, safer and more sustainable. Tmpl is based in Uppsala, Sweden.

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