ViBe Saúde

ViBe is a leading digital health company in Brazil that connects patients with medical professionals over the phone. Through its platform, ViBe offers flexible and on-demand healthcare and digital therapeutics to private consumers and companies, alleviating the pressure on traditional medical support in Brazil.

Its mission is to transform how people access healthcare in Brazil by delivering an improved healthcare experience with better convenience, outcomes, and value. ViBe has partnered with, an established digital health provider in Sweden, to offer virtual care and digital therapeutics with best-in-class technology.

The idea behind ViBe was to create a one-stop-solution, a first point of contact for all of our consumers’ healthcare needs. Brazil has a large population of 210million, with more than 60% having limited access to quality care. Our purpose is to offer all our patients the best continuous digital care at a fair price. We want to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Brazilians and their families.

Ian Bonde CEO and Co-founder at ViBe
CEO and Co-founder at ViBe