Lara is an online platform which offers private consumers and companies a “Buy now – Pay later” invoice solution. For limited amounts, the solution gives customers the freedom to choose how and when to pay. With its user-friendly payment solution, Lara increases e-retailers´ sales volumes and conversion rates.

Lara aims to become Brazil’s first 100% digital consumer credit platform, by starting to offer point-of-sale financing to unbanked and financially underserved Brazilians.

Brazil is facing a unique window of opportunity to unlock its private credit sector. In a market with more than 65 million people underserved by outdated incumbent financial institutions, there’s a perfect storm brewing on the horizon. Fast-paced digitalization in the base of the pyramid, open banking, and an emerging national credit score standard converge to enable a new paradigm for credit in Brazil. Having worked in payments for the last ten years, I strongly believe the “buy now, pay later” model is the one with the most direct impact in poor people’s lives when it comes to credit. In that scenario, SweetPay Brazil will play a key role in improving millions of Brazilians’ financial wellbeing.

André Faria Founding Partner at Lara
Founding Partner at Lara