CoSafe is a crisis notification software company that offers businesses an emergency management platform. With its app-based notification system, CoSafe aims to optimize companies’ emergency and crisis response capacities.

On all platforms users can collaborate in a simple, efficient, secure, and encrypted manner, enabling communication in closed environments. The platform has been developed by experts in communication, crisis management and security.

“The Brazilian crisis management market is mainly focused on providing security systems or risk management solutions to large companies, making individuals and SME’s not well accounted for. There is a need for an integrated security platform that facilitates communication and documentation, and that is where we have an impactful role to play. We offer an all-in-one digital platform that is beneficial for companies of all sizes; including established crisis consultancies and security firms that can use our platform to upgrade their product offerings.”

Pupo Neto Co-founder, and CEO at CoSafe Brasil
Co-founder, and CEO at CoSafe Brasil