Who We Are

We have a strong presence in Brazil and in the Nordics with offices in Stockholm and São Paulo. Our team of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs combines the financial expertise, operational capability, and entrepreneurial spirit needed to ensure that our portfolio companies grow into strong, sustainable businesses.

As active owners, we create stakeholder value by applying our unique capabilities to source and build new fast-growing companies in Brazil. We source proven business concepts in the Nordics to get a head-start in Brazil’s rapidly growing digital industry that often matures later than in the Nordic countries. By partnering with established companies, our portfolio companies gain the technology, know-how, and valuable experience from the start. We combine these resources with the necessary funding and local support to scale and grow our businesses at an accelerated pace.

We believe in responsible investing. Any business aspiring to become a market leader needs to be built on sustainable practices. As a result, we work actively with our companies to ensure sustainable operations, which in turn benefits our investors and society as a whole. Our long term success depends on the ability to fulfill our mission of creating digital companies that have a positive impact on the everyday life of Brazilians.