How We Create Value

We are an investment firm and a venture builder, dedicated to systematically producing new companies, which we help grow and succeed. We have developed a pioneering cross-border strategy, engaging in six core activities: sourcing business opportunities, establishing partnerships, building teams, investing capital, helping manage the ventures, and providing shared services.

Sourcing business opportunities

We actively source successful and scalable technology companies in the Nordics that have significant growth potential in Brazil. Benefiting from a deeply rooted presence in both the Nordic countries and Brazil, Webrock works proactively in both countries when identifying joint venture opportunities. We are sector agnostic but only invest in business models that are possible through the use of technology.

Establishing partnerships

We establish partnerships with Nordic technology companies to give our portfolio companies technology, know-how, and valuable experience from the start. Once the company is established, Webrock and its partner combine their respective playbooks, developing a detailed roadmap and a strong organizational framework for the company.

Investing capital

We provide the initial startup funding to get the business up and running. Leveraging our global network of co-investors and collaborators, as a company progresses, we attract the right networks of strategic local and international investors to continuously raise capital for growth.

Building teams

We take a people-first approach by leading the recruitment effort of the CEO and other important management positions. We believe that a company is only as good as its leadership team. We recruit exceptional regional talent and assemble powerful founding teams who make the venture thrive.

Helping lead the ventures

Working as part of the team, Webrock supports in many areas of the business and pursues development initiatives within strategy, business development, sales, and marketing. We ensure that the Swedish partners’ knowledge, technology, and know-how are properly transferred to our Brazilian company.

Enabling services

We work together with our portfolio companies and partners to provide shared services, find synergies, and share learnings in our ecosystem of founders. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to leverage our network of companies to learn, develop, and grow as an ecosystem of ventures as well as benefit from economies of scale.