We create value by building strong and sustainable businesses in Brazil

Webrock is an investment company that generates shareholder value by creating joint ventures with Swedish-based technology companies to build and develop new successful companies in Brazil. Using our understanding and experience of doing business in the country, we provide a unique operational expertise that ensures our companies grow and prosper.

With proven business models serving as blueprints, the joint ventures benefit immediately from the Swedish JV-partner’s technology, know-how and experience, allowing us to build companies at an accelerated pace with less risk. 


Leveraging our experience and expertise, Webrock Ventures was founded in 2016 to build Swedish technology-related companies in Brazil. We understood that if we could combine our operational expertise with that of an already established business in Sweden, we could build companies at an accelerated pace and with less risk. We found that the best way to do so was through a joint venture model, whereby we would invite companies to join us from the beginning, along with their technology, know-how and experience.

Our Business Concept

Webrock’s business concept is to maximise the value of our portfolio by building leading, long-term sustainable businesses in Brazil, which we achieve through active and professional company building. Value creation takes place by active ownership in our holdings, and by successfully applying our unique capabilities to source and build new joint venture companies that can hit the ground running in Brazil.

Key in the implementation of the business concept is our ability to provide our companies with the necessary local support and capital, enabling them to grow substantially over a relatively short period of time, and reach an attractive valuation at an accelerated pace.

Brazil Fast Facts

• Population: 210 M
• Internet users: 150 M
• Smartphone users: 140 M
• 8th largest economy (GDP)
• 5th most populous country
• 4th largest internet market
• 3rd largest social media market


Webrock Ventures AB
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São Paulo

Webrock Ventures Ltda
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05424-150 São Paolo

JV Partners. Company Builders.

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